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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Author Rujuta Diwekar in this book talks about the lowering nutritional values in the food consumed by women and the living standards or hazards they put themselves into every day. Though accusations on the life style and the use of filmy language might sound too much to take at one go and also sound sarcastic at some point but I am sure there is some sense and purpose in all those loose talks. She generously talks about women at various stages of life, taking you from your puberty to post menopause stages, giving you a detailed analysis of the mental, emotional and physical status at each level.

It is important to lead a healthy life to enjoy the bliss and that requires eradication of ignorance in our minds. We women are usually unaware of our own nutritional requirements and the challenges that lay at every milestone crossed in our life. It is time to grow up, get self-dependent and take care of ourselves as rightly said my Superman “ With great power comes great responsibility” . Take charge and lead.

Many recommendations in the book are really worth following and I have already started doing them. Things I got to know and implemented are:-

v Have any fruit (mostly Kerala banana) within 10 mins you get up in the morning

v Avoid junk food . Concentrate on nutritious Calories

v Indian traditional break fast better than present Mod options

v Plan what you are going to eat tomorrow/ week

v Choose and plan occasions to indulge in sweets and make their entry in your body like US Visa

v Rule of UNO. Stop when you feel filled.

v Eat in small quantities

v Make working out essential ( the same way that you eat and bath everyday).5 workouts/week min

v Stay stress free , happy and spend time for things you love to do and sleep well

I am trying to do all these and it really feels great. I feel I have invested money and time in a good way by purchasing this book and reading its contents.

Reading about details of complications which can happen in a female body can make you scared but it also provides you with much incentive to take action and measures which will ultimately lead to a healthy mind in a healthy body with a lower waist size.

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